Indoor Joint Mobility Stretches

Lengthening spine with table pose
Lengthening spine with table pose

In the winter, we can enter into a sedentary lifestyle. That lack of mobility leads to joint stiffness. Usually, spring is a great time to work on flexibility and get those joints limbered up. Unfortunately, many of us have been trapped indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That means we probably all need some indoor joint mobility stretches.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of stretches that you can perform in your house to help you loosen up the joints and get you ready for summer – hopefully, a summer where you can spend a little more time outside.

Lower Back and Hip Stretch

A good stretch to start with helps both your hips as well as your lower back. Begin by lying flat on your back. Bend your knees and draw them in toward your chest. Wrap your arms around your knees and hold them for 20-30 seconds. Then go back to lying flat. Repeat the stretch three times.

Double Hip Rotation

Next, we move into a dynamic stretch that involves movement rather than holding the stretch for an extended period. Start flat on your back, but this time, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, keeping your feet on the ground like you are getting ready to do crunches. Keeping your knees together, rotate at the waist until your left knee touches the ground. Return to the upright position and then turn in the other direction until your right knee touches the ground. Return a neutral position. This is one rep. Try to do this exercise 10 times.  

Shoulder Rolls

Let’s keep the dynamic stretch going but give your upper body joints some work. Standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, begin to roll your shoulders up, back, and down in a circular motion. Do this for about 30 seconds and then reverse the movement and move your shoulders in the other direction for another 30 seconds.

Neck Half Circles

Especially if you are now working from home, your neck may be particularly stiff. To stretch the neck, shoulders, and upper back, you can try this dynamic stretch while either sitting or standing. Tilt your head to one side. Now, slowly roll it until your chin is touching your chest. Continue the roll until your head is tilted to the other side. Return to a normal position and repeat three times. Then do it three times in the other direction.

Help for Your Spine and Joints in Fairfax, VA

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