Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Do you have difficulty with normal activities like walking, working out, bending or sleeping? The low back is an anatomical junction that transfers forces through the body during normal activity. Consequently, low back pain can be debilitating. The low back or lumbar spine is a flexible region of the body. While this mobility enables us to bend, twist and extend, it makes the low back region more vulnerable to injury. In low back pain treatment, the first step involves identifying the specific structure generating the pain.

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Effective Back Pain Treatment in Fairfax with Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Ward

Low back pain is most commonly diagnosed “muscular.”  While this diagnosis may be accurate in some cases, there are many structures in the low back that can cause pain including stretched ligaments, tight muscles, inflamed joints, pinched nerves, compressed discs and trigger points.  Low back pain can also result from kidney problems, blood clots, arthritis, bone disease and many more.  Given the potential seriousness of low back pain, prompt evaluation is warranted.

Dr. Kevin Ward has worked with Division I athletes and sports injuries at Georgetown University.  As a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist, he is an expert in identifying specific problems and developing a treatment plan unique to each patient.  While diagnosis of low back pain can often be done with in-office tests, more detailed imaging is sometimes required.  When necessary, Dr. Ward will order and analyze x-ray, MRI or CT scan studies to assist with diagnosis and treatment.  Collaboration with orthopedists, primary care physicians, pain management specialists and physical therapists is sometimes warranted.

“My lower back pain started when I slipped on ice in my driveway. The treatment from Dr. Ward to help my lower back has allowed me to walk and sit again without the persistent pain.”

Injuries to the soft tissue structures of the low back are common and include damage to the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments.  They can result from sports injuries, improper lifting, falls, auto accidents and small receptive micro-traumas like poor posture or swinging a golf club.  These incidents result in small tears in low back muscles and cause back spasms.  Over time, these spasms can develop into trigger points or hyperirritable bands of tight tissue.  Low back sprain/strain treatment and low back spasm treatment includes spinal manipulative therapy, low back rehabilitation exercises and targeted hands on therapy.

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