Whiplash Treatment

Eliminate Whiplash Pain Without Pain Medication

Whiplash Treatment

Injuries to the soft tissues structures of the neck are common and include damage to the muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. They can result from sports injuries, improper lifting, falls, auto accidents, and small receptive micro-traumas such as poor posture or computer use.

Unfortunately, the ongoing traffic and congestion in the DC metro area makes motor vehicle accidents common in Fairfax. Whiplash and other violent acceleration-deceleration injuries may not show symptoms right away. These incidents result in small tears in neck muscles and cause back spasms. Over time, these spasms can develop into trigger points or hyperirritable bands of tight tissue.

“When I got rear-ended in a car accident, whiplash caused neck pain that made it difficult to sleep and caused pain throughout the day. While other doctors were suggested prescription pain medication, Dr. Ward suggested simple chiropractic treatments and home exercises that greatly alleviated my pain. Thanks, Dr. Ward!”

To avoid the development of chronic neck pain, traumatic neck injuries should be evaluated and treated promptly. Neck sprain/strain treatment and whiplash treatment include spinal manipulative therapy, neck rehabilitation exercises, and targeted hands-on therapy.

Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents are often complex and require management from multiple medical and legal experts.  Dr. Ward collaborates with your other doctors and physical therapists to create a comprehensive care plan to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.  Dr. Ward also has experience working with personal injury attorneys.  He was featured as an industry expert on the medical/legal podcast “LiveLifeBig”, where he discussed auto accident injuries with Fairfax-based personal injury attorney Brian Glass: LiveLifeBig Podcast Highlight: Chiropractic Medicine. At Ward Chiropractic, our staff also handles the insurance billing process for you so you can stress less and focus on healing!

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