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Is your shoulder making your every move painful?

Shoulder injuries and impingements can be excruciating. The pain limits your ability to lift or extend your arm and makes daily activities a hassle. Shoulder problems can occur in many ways. Overhead throwing sports like baseball and softball as well as lifting heavy weights can cause issues. Shoulder injuries happen when the muscles, tendons, joints or nerves become inflamed or torn. We tend to forget how much we need our shoulder range of motion in our lives. Some of us tend to ignore this pain and just hope it alleviates itself. Others may see  surgery as the only option. Shoulder injuries can often be resolved with chiropractic and rehabilitation treatment. Having worked with many shoulder injury cases, Dr.Ward understands how to properly treat and help prevent future injuries as well as maintainproper shoulder health.

Types of Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingements occurs when there is compression on a muscle or tendon in a tight space within the shoulder. This can inflame the region, which can becomes very bothersome to a person dealing with this injury.  

Frozen Shoulder

Commonly referred to adhesive capsuleitis, this condition can affect the movement of your shoulder. It can be very painful when attempting to do normal activities using your shoulder. When the shoulder becomes inflamed around the rotator cuff the ball and socket joint within the shoulder becomes inundated with adhesions. Frozen shoulder should be addressed as soon as symptoms arise.  If not handled correctly it can become chronic.

Biceps Tendonitis

Occurs when the biceps tendon becomes inflamed.  This can make shoulder movement and functions painful and difficult. Biceps tendonitis can stem from shoulder impingements which are why it’s crucial to assess the underlying cause of the pain. 

Sprains and Strains

Are one of the most common sports and non-sports related injuries that Dr. Ward treats. Sprains and strains are often confused.  Sprains are overstressing or a tear in a ligament whichmakes movement of the appendage painful. Strains are stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon.

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Soft Tissue Treatment- Soft tissue treatment consists of reliving and massaging trigger points and adhesions found around the shoulder. Soft tissue treatment is a very effective treatment for muscle tissue.  

“After falling off a horse and damaging my shoulder, the pain persisted long after the injury healed. Dr. Ward enabled me to actually treat my injury and expand my range of motion to stop the pain. I wish I’d come years ago!”

Rehabilitation Exercise

Dr. Ward’s rehabilitation exercises are a crucial portion of treatment for a nd tailored specifically towards each patient. Rehabilitation exercises help maintain a active and strong physical health. Many exercises can be done at home or wherever is most convenient.  

Heat and Ice

Heat on an injured area increases blood flow to help heal the injured area. Ice treatment helps with acute pain. Ice helps by reducing stress and inflammatory within the injured area.Adjustmentsare applied gently to a specific region or joint an are aimed at aligning and releasing tension. Adjustments promote bone and joint health.   

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a form of treatment to help promote the healing process of injured or inflamed areas. The electrical current acts as a micro massage that helps to break up adhesions and trigger points. Electrical stimulation is also combined with heat and ice treatment for optimal therapeutic benefits.    


Ultrasound uses waves that break up hardened or tough damaged tissue to help restore and promote the healing of those tissues.

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