Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Has spinal stenosis pain changed your life?

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Spinal stenosis refers to narrowing of the spinal canal.  Spinal stenosis in the neck and spinal stenosis in the low back are both possible.  The narrowing of the canal can be caused by disc conditions or arthritis.  Discs are positioned between the bones or vertebrae.  Due to trauma or degeneration, these discs can bulge, herniate and compress.  A “slipped disc” or ruptured disc can cause central spine pain, left lower back pain and right lower back pain. 

“Spinal stenosis caused tingling in my arms and legs that was unbearable. Thanks to Dr. Ward, the tingling sensations are gone and I feel better than ever!”

Spinal stenosis can also compress or pinch lumbar nerve roots and cervical nerve roots which in turn can cause pain, numbness and tingling down the legs or arms.  The symptoms of spinal stenosis can mimic sciatica which is a different condition that requires a separate treatment protocol.

Spinal stenosis treatment and disc pain treatment are gentle and relieve pain through manual traction, decompression, spinal mobilization and rehabilitative exercises.  The goal of bulging disc treatment is to migrate the injured disc bulge or protrusion away from the inflamed spinal nerve root.

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