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Wrestling FAQs

Why do I Have Pain During Wrestling?

Wrestling is a sport that requires mental and physical toughness in droves. It involves violent contact and leveraging joints to their end ranges. It’s no surprise that wrestling can result in injuries that are both traumatic and chronic. Traumatic injures happen as the result of a single event such as wrenching the neck during a cross face or getting slammed on a shoulder. Chronic problems happen as the result of posture or repetitive tasks such as spending many hours in the forward rounded posture of neutral position. Injuries can cause wrestlers to alter their technique and miss vital matches.

What Types of Injuries Result from Wrestling?

Abnormal joint stress and postures can result in many different kinds or wrestling injures ranging from knee to shoulder to spine to hip. In our experience the forward posture of the natural position can cause chronic rounding of the shoulders, back and neck pain. Spine pain can also be the result of torque from any number of moves like back arching, bridging and various tilts. The nature of the sport can cause hyperextension injures of knees, elbows and shoulders.

Can Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Treatments Help Injuries from Wrestling?

Dr. Ward wrestled in high school in the shadow of Penn State University. He understands the high stakes nature of the sport and the painful conditions that can develop. Our detailed examinations include range of motion, alignment tests and muscle palpation to determine the specific cause or causes of the problem. We strive to return you to the mat as fast as possible. Treatments are gentle and do not typically involve the use of drugs or surgery. In rare cases treatment may require surgical or other medical management. We work with a network of medical doctors in the region who specialize in these referral situations.

What is Causing My Pain During Wrestling?

There are many different pain generators in wrestling injuries. Joint capsules can be overstretched, muscles can spasm and nerves can become compressed or irritated. Successful treatment depends on identifying the root cause of the problem. Do you have stubborn pain that won’t go away despite trying other types of treatment? It’s possible that the treatment is not being directed toward the actual cause. For example, you may have a neck muscle spasm that is being caused by nerve irritation due to an alignment issue. Treating the muscle directly may temporarily relieve the pain temporarily but until the underlying alignment issue is resolved, the muscle spasm keep coming back. Our approach involves solving your unique problem.

What are the Treatments for Pain from Wrestling?

Chiropractic treatment involves restoring proper alignment through gentle and specific manual adjustments. Adjustments may be directed at one or several regions including the back, neck, shoulder, hips, elbows, knees and feet. Once the correct alignment is achieved, we use rehabilitative exercises to correct muscle patterns. Rehabilitation exercises progress to strengthening and explosive exercises. For muscle spasm and trigger points we us a technique that combines massage and stretching to release stubborn knots.

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