FAQs on Tennis Injuries

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Tennis Injury FAQs

Can Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Treatment Help with Tennis Injuries?

Tennis is an intense sport that requires rapid forceful movements and shifts in direction. Injuries are common to the shoulder, knees, wrists, neck, upper back and lower back. These tennis injuries can be related to repetitive stress such as tennis elbow or a single trauma such as a rotator cuff issue. Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation’s approach involves determining the exact cause of the injury and developing a course of treatment that involves realigning joints, reducing soft tissue stress and home exercises. Whether you have been given a diagnosis from another doctor or you have no idea what’s causing your pain, we will do our best to determine what is going on and what can be done to help you.

Can Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Treatment Help with Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a painful and stubborn condition. Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a repetitive stress injury that is most painful during wrist extension such as a backhand shot. If you have more pain with the forehand, you may have a different condition called golfer’s elbow. These names cause confusion because golfer’s elbow can result for tennis and vice versa. Both of these elbow conditions can be managed though soft tissue treatments, ultrasound, and exercises. We also check the alignment of the elbow joint. Correcting these misalignment issues can speed the recovery.

I Have Shoulder Pain with My Tennis Serve, can You Help?

Absolutely. Shoulder pain is a common issue with tennis players at all levels. A tennis serve requires both flexibility and strength. It’s difficult for the body to achieve both at one joint. This is why the shoulder joint often fails for tennis and other overhead athletes. Fixing a shoulder problem involves determining what structure is causing the pain, such as the rotator cuff or labrum. In other causes, this pain is referred from the spine due to a pinched nerve or disc problem. At Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation we are able to connect the dots between multiple structural problems and offer a comprehensive treatment approach. The shoulder is closely related to the neck and upper back due to nerve and muscle attachments. Treating multiple regions at one time allows for rapid and lasting relief.

I Blew out My Knee Playing Tennes, What Should I do?

Rapid direction changes and twisting can wreak havoc on knees. Steps toward a solution involve complete and accurate diagnosis through exam and imaging such as x-ray and MRI. While knee problems sometimes require surgery or other invasive treatments such as injections, often they can be successfully treated through chiropractic and rehabilitation. Our treatment includes joint realignment and customized exercises. We also a check and treat adjacent joints such as the ankles, hips and low back. Treating the site of injury as well as areas of compensation ensures fast relief.

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