Costochondritis Treatment

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Costochondritis is a condition where the cartilage between your rib bones and breastbone becomes inflamed. Although costochondritis can happen to people of any age, it’s more common in adults over 40.

The discomfort that results from costochondritis can vary from patient to patient. The pain may be a mild aching or pressure-like feeling, or it can be a sharp pain that almost feels like a heart condition. At Ward Chiropractic, we provide natural, non-invasive treatment for costochondritis to help relieve your discomfort.

Symptoms of Costochondritis

How do you know if you have costochondritis? Symptoms can include:

  • Chest pain or pain that feels like it’s radiating from your chest
  • Nerve pain that wraps around the torso
  • Pain with certain movements of the torso
  • Pain when taking a deep breath
  • Pain with activity or stretching
  • Shooting pain down your arms or legs
  • Upper back or neck stiffness and soreness

For some people, the cause of their costochondritis can’t be pinpointed. For others, stiffness in the upper back, an injury, muscle strain, or even arthritis can cause the inflammation seen in costochondritis. Overuse of your arms may also contribute to costochondritis.

What Are the Potential Treatment Options?

Treatment will vary depending on the cause of your condition. We provide many non-invasive treatment options at Ward Chiropractic that can help facilitate healing and reduce your pain. Treatments for costochondritis that we provide include:

  • Active rehabilitation to stabilize the position of the rib
  • Chiropractic adjustments to the ribs and upper back
  • Exercise and soft tissue therapy, which uses applied pressure and stretching techniques, including soft tissue stretching of the chest.

At Ward Chiropractic, we can help you implement the most effective treatment options to get you feeling better again as soon as possible.

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