Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

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Is pain in your arms impacting your ability to do normal tasks like type, open a jar, or make a fist?

RSI can be focused to one area as in carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger or tennis/golfer’s elbow. Multiple anatomical regions can also be impacted by RSI such as in thoracic outlet syndrome, cervicobrachial syndrome and chronic pain syndrome. Some episodes of RSI resolve on their own with rest and stretching. Other episodes require treatment by a healthcare provider.

Restoring proper alignment is crucial to recovery. Motions with misaligned joints can delay recovery and cause further damage. We use gentle chiropractic adjustments and manual joint mobilization to restore proper alignment of the arms, wrist, hands, neck and upper back. Deep myofascial release treatment is also used to facilitate healing in the soft tissue fibers. This treatment is similar to stretching combined with massage. In the acute phase of treatment, ultrasound and electrical stimulation may also be used to disperse swelling and reduce localized muscle spasm.

“Years of bad posture sitting at a computer caused RSI in my neck and upper back. Thanks to Dr. Ward, I’m not just sitting up straighter, my pain is gone!”

Since the injury results from overload of the fibers, treatment also includes post-acute strengthening to prevent recurrence. In some cases, treatment does involve co-management by a medical doctor to include medication, injections and surgery. These instances are rare but when necessary we work collaboratively with our medical colleagues toward your recovery. The duration of treatment depends on many factors including how long symptoms have persisted. Consequently, RSI symptoms that do not resolve on their own should be evaluated and treated promptly.

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