Hands and Wrist Rehab

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Pain or numbness in your hands or wrists? We can help!

Hand and wrist injuries can make work and daily life a hassle.  Pain can limit your ability to hold and grip objects, work or enjoy the physical activities you love.  These problems can be frustrating because it feels like everything you do aggravates the pain, and the pain is often stubborn and persistent. Discovering the cause of the problem can be a challenge.  Symptoms in the hands or wrists can be caused by local problems.  Some of the most common issues we see are described below.  It should be noted that these symptoms can be caused by a nerve irritation in the neck, shoulder or back.  Our care is about connecting the dots and eliminating your problem at its cause. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve in the wrist gets compressed.  Painful numbness and tingling sensations present in the hand or arm. In more severe cases grip strength is also impacted. 

Treatment for this injury starts with ice, rest and tailored exercises to decrease persistent inflammation. Gentle chiropractic adjustments of the wrist and hand open the carpal tunnel and reduce nerve irritation. More aggressive rehabilitation treatment in then incorporated to help relieve and decompress the nerve. In rare cases, injections or surgery may be required.  


This disease has many names and can occur in most joints in the body.  Synonyms include, “arthritis,” “degenerative joint disease,” and “old Arthur.”   Joints in the hand and wrist become inflamed and the cartilage between the joints of the fingers and wrist become worn and scrape against each other. This can result in swelling and the formation of hard nodes.

Lack of treatment for hand/wrist osteoarthritis can result in a vicious cycle: Osteoarthritis causes increased stiffness, stiffness reduces movement, lack of movement worsens the stiffness and so on. Restoring proper movement is therefore essential to slowing the progression of the disease. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are used to break up stiffness and restore normal movement patterns. Exercises are incorporated to maintain hand movement and flexibility.  

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is problem that is commonly associated with the overuse.  The tendon in the index finger becomes inflamed and painful. The term got its name from gun use but can occur with other repetitive activities. At times the finger can become locked in a bent position.

Treatments include adjustment and mobilizations of the affected area. Ultrasound may be incorporated to break adhesions and decrease inflammation. Heat and ice therapy are used to decrease muscle spasm and inflamed regions. 

Writer's Cramp

Writer’s Cramp is a repetitive strain injury that results in pain and cramps in the hand and forearm.  It is most often seen with repetitive use and griping of a writing or non-writing utensil. 

“Years of playing golf and tennis took a toll on my hands and wrists as I got older. Dr. Ward’s treatments have me still playing these two sports that I love, just without the pain and stiffness!”

Tailored exercises can alleviate and strengthen muscles within the hand.  Rehabilitation is aimed at restoring balance and correcting muscle compensation patterns.  Heat and ice therapy can help reduce inflammation and spasm.  Electrical stimulation of muscles reduces constant contraction. Bony alignment issues are addressed through gentle chiropractic adjustments.

We consistently use our hands and wrists throughout our daily activities to engage with our surrounding world. Don’t let hand and wrist pain prevent you from enjoying your daily routine – call Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation today

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