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Is supporting your baby hurting your back?

The weight of a growing baby causes increased stress on the body. Specifically the low back, hips, pelvis and ribs are affected. During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone called elastin that softens the joints and ligaments in preparation for delivery. While this increased flexibility is good for the birthing process, it can be detrimental for the mother’s joints while under the load of a growing baby.

As the baby grows, the curve or lordosis or the low back increases. This anterior pelvic tilt puts increased force on the facet joints in the lumbar spine which causes localized pain. Swelling and water retention also increases during pregnancy. Consequently, nerve compression conditions, including sciatica and carpal tunnel, often occur. The growing baby expands the ribcage which can cause sharp pain in the upper back, abdomen or chest. Muscle, joint and nerve pain coupled with the other discomforts of pregnancy can make the experience of pregnancy very uncomfortable.

“During my first pregnancy, lower back pain was majorly disrupting my life. Thanks to Dr. Ward’s safe, effective chiropractic treatments, I was able to finish my pregnancy comfortably and now have a healthy baby girl.”

Traditional medical treatments such as drugs, injections and surgery are usually not available to pregnant women. Chiropractic treatment for pregnant women is safe and effective for both mother and baby. Dr. Ward utilizes gentle joint mobilization, targeted massage and stretching to relieve pregnancy related joint pain. Dr. Ward also practices Webster technique. This chiropractic technique was developed specifically for mothers with babies in a breech presentation. Here is a link to a case study about this type of treatment in our office: Case Study: Pregnant with Low Back Pain and Breech Baby

Dr. Ward and his wife have two young children. As an experienced chiropractor and a husband and father, he enjoys working with pregnant women and being a part of their pregnancy care team. Dr. Ward also works collaboratively with OBGYN doctors and midwives to facilitate comprehensive care for expecting mothers.

Postpartum chiropractic care—after your baby is born—can also be helpful. The birth process can be very taxing on the body and cause joint alignment issues and muscle tension in new moms. Nursing, carrying, and lifting babies can also cause postural distortions and resulting pain.

Pregnancy is both an exciting and challenging time as you prepare for the arrival of your little one and the changes to come. If joint or nerve pain are part of your pregnancy or still remain even after your delivery, consider chiropractic care with Dr. Ward for a natural solution.

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