Working from Home? Follow These Tips to Preserve Your Posture

Whether you work from home regularly or it is a new experience for you due to the spread of COVID-19 in the US, you want to make sure that your home office isn’t destroying your posture (and your spine as a result). How can you adjust your home workstation to help maintain proper posture? Here are a few tips for success.

#1 Keep Screens at Eye Level

If you have a desk with a desktop computer, this is a lot easier to do than if you use a laptop (as many people do when working from home). If you have a full office setup, the biggest concern is making sure that the monitors are at eye level. This will keep you from looking down all day long (even slightly), which can potentially result in a forward head position and extra pressure on the neck and spine.

When using a laptop, a good option is to get a separate mouse and keyboard. This would allow you to set the laptop screen at eye level while still having your keyboard and mouse at a level where you don’t have to bend your elbows beyond 90 degrees. You shouldn’t have to choose between spine health and avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.

#2 Take Microbreaks Throughout the Day

Every 30 minutes, you should take a microbreak. You can still be productive. We’re not saying to turn on Netflix every half an hour. Just take a quick 90-second break. Get up, stretch a little, use the bathroom, grab a glass of water – something other than sitting and staring at the screen. These short breaks will take about 5% of your workday and may help you to be more productive during the time you are actually working.

#3 Avoid Poor Smartphone Use Posture

We actually have two tips to help you use your smartphone the right way throughout your workday:

  • Increase the text size – You don’t want to have to crane your neck to read something on your phone.
  • Use a headset or Bluetooth device – Don’t hold a phone between your neck and shoulder to keep your hands free.

Get Help for Proper Posture to Feel Natural

Sometimes the spine can get so far out of alignment that proper posture begins to feel uncomfortable. A chiropractic adjustment can realign your spine, so that healthy posture feels right again. Contact Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation at 703.672.1661 to schedule an appointment. You can read the precautions we are taking to protect our patients during the COVID-19 outbreak by clicking this link.