Winter: Why It’s a Good Time to Try Resistance Training

You may have seen the term resistance training as a buzzword when it comes to exercise. However, resistance training isn’t just for bodybuilders and fitness models. This can be an essential way to get vital exercise during the winter months. So let’s discuss what resistance training is good for, who can benefit from it, and the right way to get started.

Resistance Training Equipment at Home

What Is Resistance Training, and Who Can Benefit?

Resistance training is just a fancy way of saying weight training or strength training. Don’t be confused by resistance bands. While the word resistance is in both terms, there are many ways to do resistance training, including the use of weights, exercise machines, and, yes, resistance bands. The idea is that you are using more than just your own body weight for the exercises.

Resistance training is important because it not only can build muscle but can also help you to maintain the muscle you presently have. Additionally, strength training is essential for bone health. With that in mind, it is clear that anyone can benefit. However, this is especially vital for those who are getting older. After all, muscle mass is a predictor of frailty and most causes of mortality in older adults. So the more you retain your muscles and strengthen your bones now, the longer you should be able to maintain your quality of life (barring unforeseeable events).

How Can You Get Started with Weight Training Safely?

The most difficult thing about weight training is knowing how to get started. You may want a medical professional to help you determine what exercises will be best for you. The key thing is to keep the weight very light at the beginning and to focus on proper lifting techniques. You can work on progressive overload (gradually increasing the weight, the number of sets, or the number of repetitions) later

A personal trainer should also be qualified to help you start light and work your way up to greater strength. And don’t worry about “bulking up.” You’re not going to turn into a bodybuilder unless you decide you want to – such professionals spend hours in the gym daily.

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