The Importance of Staying Mobile During the Winter Months

Winter is in full swing, and with it comes the temptation to be a little sedentary. But doing less activity in an attempt to stay indoors where it is warm can lead to problems for your joints. Let’s consider some of the reasons to stay mobile during the winter months, and then we will discuss a few ways to keep exercise levels up, even if you don’t want to brave the weather.

The Impact of Cold Weather

There are several ways in which the winter months can create a cycle that is bad for your spine and for your joints in general.

  • Cold weather can tighten muscles – This leads to the aching feeling in arthritic joints.
  • Pain leads to less movement – It is difficult to exercise if someone is spending more time indoors and they are experiencing pain (which they assume will grow worse if they exercise)
  • Lack of exercise leads to more pain – When the body doesn’t move around as much, the pain increases, and joints grow even stiffer (which, in turn, leads to even less activity)

So how can you break the cycle? You can’t control the weather, but you can control the amount of physical activity you get each day.

How to Stay More Active in Wintertime

Staying mobile is crucial during the cold winter months. Anything that you can do for exercise will diminish the tightness and help to maintain muscle strength. What can you do if it is too cold to exercise outside or even take a car ride to the gym?

It is essential during winter to find indoor exercises that will allow you to stay active in the comfort of your own home. The key to keeping up with it throughout the winter will be to find an indoor exercise routine you really like. Whether it means getting a piece of equipment for the home (treadmill, stationary bike, etc.), or finding an online fitness routine, be sure to do something every day.

There are plenty of fitness channels on YouTube and tons of fitness apps. Find a trainer you like, and give it a try.

Try Chiropractic to Help Maintain Mobility

Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve joint strain, allowing you to exercise a little easier. Come and see us at Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation to learn more. You can call us at 703.672.1661 or request an appointment online.