How to Lift a Huge Pumpkin Safely

It’s late October, and a lot of people are going out to get humongous pumpkins. We want to help keep you from a back injury, so we’re going to give you some lifting tips for large, awkward items. These tips will, of course, apply to any significant and ungainly load, not just pumpkins. 

lift a huge pumpkin

5 Suggestions for Safer Lifting

There are five things that you can do to make any large, heavy, or awkward lift safer:

Help When You’ve Strained Something in Fairfax, VA

Sometimes, you can tell that you made a mistake the second you lift something the wrong way. At other times, you may not think you did anything wrong, but the soreness creeps up on you over the next couple of days. Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is here to help!

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