Can Chiropractors Provide Rib Pain Treatment?

While the short answer is yes, we need to start with a disclaimer – Any time you experience rib or chest pain, you should be evaluated as soon as possible by a chiropractor or other healthcare professional to ensure it is a musculoskeletal issue and not a heart problem. That having been said, here are some ways a chiropractor can help if the pain is from a rib problem.

Rib Pain Symptoms

Rib pain can occur at several different junctures where bone and soft tissue connect. As a result, you may feel sore in the area where the ribs attach to the spine, where they attach to the sternum (breastbone), or anywhere along the rib itself. You may even have the sensation of radiating pain.

For some patients, rib pain increases when you take a deep breath. This is because the rib cage expands while inhaling to make room for the lungs to fill. This expansion leads to increased pain. Depending on the location of the injury, you may feel the pain on one side of the body or the other.

If you experience trauma, rib pain can occur suddenly. At other times, rib pain comes on gradually due to misalignments and other long-term underlying issues that have led to the pain. This frequently occurs when a misalignment leads to a rib being unable to move properly when the rest of the rib cage expands and contracts. 

How Chiropractic Can Help Treat Rib Pain

If your rib pain is due to a misalignment, correcting this underlying problem can relieve the issue. Once the misalignment has been corrected, the rib can go back to moving normally during movement or breathing. When all of the ribs can move in unison throughout expansion and contraction, there should be no more pain.

As a result, it makes sense to see a chiropractor for rib pain, especially after you have ruled out the risk of a heart problem. A simple adjustment may dramatically reduce pain and make it easier to get a full breath.

Rib Pain Relief in Fairfax, Virginia

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