Best Pillows for Neck Pain

If you live with chronic neck pain, you know that sleep can make a difference. Perhaps you often wake up with the pain at its worst. Your pillow may be playing a role. Let’s discuss how you can choose the best pillow for your neck pain so that you can sleep better and find a little relief. 

8 Tips for Getting the Right Pillow for Your Neck

Here are eight suggestions to apply when choosing your next pillow:

  1. Your pillow should keep your cervical spine (neck) in a straight line – In other words, you don’t want your head tilted forward, backward, or to one side all night long. 
  2. Make sure the pillow is not too big or firm – If you are a back sleeper and the pillow is too big or firm, your head will be tilted forward all night. If you are a side sleeper, it will be tilted to one side.
  3. Make sure the pillow is not too small or soft – Now, you will be facing the opposite issue. If the pillow is overly soft or thin, your neck will be tilted backward or to the other side while you sleep. 
  4. Get the opinion of a loved one – Have your spouse or someone else observe you lying on your current pillow to see if your spine is straight. You may not be able to feel if your head is in the correct position if you are already dealing with misalignments. 
  5. Remember that soft pillows don’t last long – Sure, a soft pillow may feel great when you first get home with it, but it won’t be long before that pillow loses its ability to support your neck properly. 
  6. Try a memory foam or hybrid pillow – These are usually the best for your neck. They allow your cervical spine to maintain a neutral position, and they last longer than a standard pillow.
  7. Always sleep on your side or your back – Stomach sleepers have no way to maintain a straight spine because you have to turn your head to the side to breathe.
  8. Only use a cervical pillow if you are a back sleeper – Cervical pillows are designed for back sleepers and will not be effective for side sleepers. Even back sleepers usually do better with a memory foam or hybrid pillow. 

Get Your Cervical Spine Back in Line

Besides getting the right pillow, you also want to be sure your neck is properly aligned. A good pillow can help you maintain alignment but won’t correct misalignments. If you need a chiropractic adjustment in the Fairfax area, contact Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation today at 703.672.1661, or you can request an appointment online