What Can Football Tackling Teach Us About Spine Health?

2018 has brought one of the biggest changes in a long time when it comes to tackling rules in the NFL. The intention is to force players to use proper form when tackling. What is the proper form? What is it so vital in order to avoid injuries? If a player is injured, can chiropractic help? We will answer these important questions.

What Is Proper Tackling Form?

Proper tackling form is to make your hits with your head up. Lowering your head can lead to helmet-on-helmet collisions and other dangerous hits. The new NFL rules penalize a team 15 yards when a tackler lowers his head before contact. A dangerous tackle can even lead to a player being ejected from the game.

This sets the example for anyone who plays tackle football, even if it is high school kids or friends at a weekend barbecue. Never lower your head to make a hit. Here are the reasons why.

How Proper Form Prevents Injury

Any impact to the head can cause a serious injury. First of all, a traumatic brain injury can lead to permanent health problems or even premature death. Even a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), which is what researchers call a concussion, can have long-reaching effects. Headaches, mood changes, insomnia, depression, anxiety, vertigo, and many other symptoms are part of the post-concussion syndrome that has been suffered by many football players.

Then there is the risk to the neck to consider. A helmet-on-helmet collision can lead to a neck injury at speeds as slow as 5 mph. However, if you get two powerful men both running at 10 miles per hour, you get a 20-mph collision. That can do some serious damage. At the very least, you can expect cervical misalignments that can cause many of the same symptoms as post-concussion syndrome.

The Solution to Neck Injuries

As long as the vertebrae are not broken in the injury, the best way to get care is through chiropractic. Realigning the bones is a key element in long-term healing from a neck injury. Once the bones are properly aligned, the soft tissue can stabilize and healing can begin. As inflammation goes down, any pain should be dramatically reduced.

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