Case Study: Pregnant with Low Back Pain and Breech Baby

Julie, 32, presented to Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation 35 weeks pregnant with her second child. She was referred to by her OBGYN for low back pain and Webster technique. A recent ultrasound demonstrated that her baby was in breech (head up) position. Her low back pain made it difficult for her walk, bend and sleep without pain.

Julie was scheduled for an external cephalic version (ECV) procedure at 37 weeks during which her OBGYN would attempt to manually rotate the baby and thus avoid the need for a cesarean section.

After a detailed examination Dr. Ward treated Julie with gentle joint mobilization and adjustments of the lumbar spine, sacrum and pelvis. Webster technique was gently used to release soft tissue tension in the the round ligaments. A total a of 6 treatments were administered over a 2 week period. Patient was also prescribed home exercises.

Julie reported a 70% reduction in low back pain after the treatment. She reported to the hospital for the EVC at 37 weeks. Prior to the EVC procedure ultrasound revealed that the baby was no longer breech. The EVC was not done and Julie was later able to deliver a healthy baby vaginally.

**Name and some details changed to protect patient confidentially.