Wrestling and Neck Pain: How to Get Back to the Mat ASAP

Neck pain is a common side effect of wrestling. There are a number of reasons that this sport can lead to issues with the neck, especially since repetitive pressure is placed on this part of the spine by one’s opponent, even when in a neutral position. How else does wrestling contribute to neck pain and what can you do to find relief and get back in the ring as soon as possible?

How Wrestling Leads to Neck Pain

Alignment and ligament issues are often at the source of neck pain, and wrestling can be a contributing factor. In what ways?

  • Bridging – This is commonly used to escape or counter attacks by an opponent and the neck and back can easily be hyperextended, especially if you meet resistance while bridging.
  • Trauma – As a wrestler, you often hit the mat hard. This sort of trauma can easily lead to misalignments and even sprains.
  • Torque – When your challenger puts you in a headlock, he knows you are going to try and escape. Applying torque is one way to keep you from getting out of the hold, but it also adds strain to the vertebrae and ligaments of the neck.
  • Take Downs – When you see the opportunity to take down your opponent, you probably are not thinking about the effect it may have on your neck. Head first takedowns can compress the discs and affect alignment.
  • Posture – Let’s face it, proper posture is not going to win a wrestling match. If you were determined to stand straight and tall your adversary will have no problem bringing you down. Keeping a low center of gravity, however, means staying hunched over with a forward head position. This puts extra strain on the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the neck.

Neck Pain Treatment from a Former Wrestler

Dr. Ward is a former wrestler, so when you come to Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to recover from your neck pain, you know that you are receiving care from someone who understands both the pain you are feeling and the love for your sport. He specializes in diagnosing and treating neck misalignments, disc compression, strained ligaments, and muscle facia tears. Treatments involve gentle chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue mobilization techniques, and rehabilitative exercises. The result is that you can be back on the mat and doing what you enjoy as soon as possible.

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