Dr. Ward Discusses the Importance of a ‘Patient Centered’ Atmosphere

Speaker of the Month – Dr. Kevin Ward

Last Thursday was a very active one for Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation! Dr. Kevin Ward was chosen as Speaker of the Month to give a presentation to 64 local business owners and representatives. His speech, ‘5 Questions About Chiropractic: Answered’, comprised of Dr. Ward’s experience in the world of chiropractics, as well as how he has created a well-known and successful practice in just eight short months. Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation opened it’s doors in only February, but with dedication and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Dr. Ward has created a Fairfax oasis for all those in search of pain management, rehabilitation, and chiropractic treatment. His secret to business is quite simple: there is no substitute for a ‘patient centered’ atmosphere.


When patients arrive at Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, they are often in a state of distress. They are in pain, frustrated, and in pursuit of guidance from a professional they can trust. The Ward team understands that the vulnerability that accompanies each patient can only be relieved with a warm smile and assurance that they are in good hands. From the moment they walk in the door, patients are given personalized focus and attention that caters to their specific needs. This focus begins by minimizing wait time so that each person understands their value to the practice, and it is carried through until maximum treatment is delivered. Every person and case is different. By comprehensively understanding each patient’s specific needs, Dr. Ward is able to create a plan of action that is not only the safest option, but the most effective option as well. His mission is to create a patient centered atmosphere where each individual receives the care and attention they deserve from beginning to end – period.

“A lot of healthcare providers use the term, ‘patient centered.’  We
back up this term with numbers that represent our commitment to
patient service.  For example, our average patient wait time in our
office is 4 minutes and 17 seconds.  This is from the time a patient
walks in the door until they see me.  I value my time and I value my
patients’ time.  Even though we are busier now than we have ever been,
we still deliver this short wait time.”

Dr. Ward was honored to share the positive experience at Ward Chiro and Rehab with his peers and is thankful that his words were so well received. A more patient centered atmosphere is key to any successful business, but it is also the key to creating long-lasting and thriving relationships with each and every client. There is no short-cut to quality service.