Choosing the Best Chiropractor Possible

Choosing the right chiropractor or care provider isn’t always easy- in fact it can be increasingly stressful. You want to be sure that you are receiving the care and help you need from a professional with experience you can count on. Choosing the right chiropractor isn’t always about spending a few minutes in a search engine and selecting the professional closest to you, and it’s definitely much more than relying on word of mouth. Spending your time and energy researching important criteria for proper credentials and care helps you to be the knowledgeable, informed patient you deserve to be. Here are some of tips we believe will strongly assist you in selecting the chiropractic professional who is right for you.

1.     Search for a record of quality. 

Online reviews as well as the board of medicine website host a wealth of information on a Doctor’s track record. Patients just like you are eager to share their testimonials and stories with those who need the advice.

2.     Rehabilitation training.  

Achieving the fastest results involves incorporating rehabilitation into your treatment.  Look for chiropractors with MS degrees and certifications in addition to the chiropractic (DC) degree for the most advanced levels of care.

3.    Experience working with high-level athletes.

High-level athletes push their bodies like it’s their job, because- well, it usually is. Chiropractors who have experience working with such extremes are increasingly knowledgeable in proper treatment and care.

4.     Credentialed with insurance companies. 

Achieving “in network” status requires a results oriented treatment record. This means that these Doctors have been approved and deemed credible by the sources that matter most.

5.     Organized and complete documentation.

Ask for a copy of your treatment notes.  If it’s not neat and thorough, this could cause problems if other doctors are trying to read the notes or if the notes are needed for insurance reasons. The proper professional will make certain that his or her documentation is completed with a high level of attention to detail. 

6.      Communication with your other doctors.  

Working together is always best, and it provides you with a level of health care that far surpasses the work that health care providers can do alone. Always ask your chiropractor to send notes to your primary care physician or orthopedist.

7.     A well-managed office flow.

 Even busy schedules can be effectively managed by a well-designed office flow.  Emergencies do happen, but if you continuously experience over 15 minute wait times, this is not a good sign. An office should always be organized, prepared, and ready for your arrival.

8.     Published in peer-reviewed journals. 

The highest quality professionals are always reviewed by their peers. If your Doctor has been reviewed or published with glowing references and remarks, take it as a note that this doctor is likely highly qualified.

9.    Internship training. 

Chiropractic doctors and other health care professionals that provide internship training clearly take great pride in their work. Training requires attention to detail, setting a positive example, and consistently maintaining the highest level of performance and procedure.

10.  Attention to individual needs. 

Most of all, the chiropractic doctor that is right for you will pay high attention to your individual needs and provide advanced personalized care. Every patient is different, and the right doctor will always make you feel uniquely cared for.

For additional questions or information, contact Ward Chiropractic and Rehab today. We look forward to providing you with the care you’ve been searching for as well as exceeding your expectations.