The Best Foods for Decreasing Inflammation

If you regularly experience soreness in your neck, back, or joints, inflammation may be a contributing factor. Inflammation is the body’s immune response to injury. However, your body may be producing more information than necessary due to a misalignment, an autoimmune condition, or any other number of reasons. Therefore, it is essential to try and reduce the amount of inflammatory response by any means possible. Adjusting your diet is one of the best natural ways to decrease inflammation in the body. Here are a few things to eat on an anti-inflammatory diet.

#1 Minimally Processed Foods

Eating fast food is terrible for inflammation. However, you also have to be careful of processed foods from the grocery store. Really, anything that you buy in a package has probably been processed to some degree. Even if you buy nuts that have been shelled, the shelling process would be considered processing. But shelling a nut is very minimal processing and shouldn’t cause inflammation. Cooking the nut and then covering it in sweeteners and preservatives is the sort of processing that will lead to swelling. So you don’t have to avoid all processing; but the less, the better is a good rule of thumb.

#2 Focus on Veggies, Fruits, and Lean Proteins

Most fruits and vegetables won’t cause inflammation unless you happen to be allergic to them. On the other hand, many grains and dairy products are known for causing inflammation. Plus, they are usually very processed before they get to your grocery store. We’re not saying you have to become a raw vegan. Just eat more fruits and vegetables. If you choose to have meat, select a leaner cut.

#3 Enjoy Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds often contain healthy proteins and fats. You want to decrease inflammation, but you don’t want to impact brain function. Remember that your brain is mostly made of fat, so a fat-free diet isn’t recommended for cognitive function. Nuts and seeds are a better option for fat, and they can provide a nice crunchy snack if you are trying to break away from highly processed snacks like chips.

#4 Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish is one of the best ways to take in this healthy fat that is known to reduce inflammation in the body. You can also take an Omega 3 supplement, but remember that to produce a supplement, there is a lot of processing. It is always better to get your Omega 3s naturally in your diet if possible.

Get Your Spine Back in Alignment

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