Beach Chairs That Won’t Cause Back Pain

We all love hitting the beach in the summertime, but it’s not always the best vacation for our backs. This is especially true if you like to use a beach chair. What style of chair is the best if you want to be comfortable in the sun over the weekend and still feel good enough to get out of bed for work on Monday? Here are a few tips.

#1 Make Sure Your Beach Chair Supports Your Lower Back

Okay, so most beach chairs are not going to come with lumbar support. If you can find one (and afford it), great. But if not, make sure you have a pillow or another form of lumbar support to use along with the chair.

#2 Be Careful When Reclining

Some beach chairs have an awkward reclining angle that results in your back being curved while you sit in it. While it may feel comfortable during the day, you are asking your vertebrae to take all of the strain. The next morning, your body may remind you that your spine is not supposed to stay curved like that for hours. Plus, there is no way to get appropriate lumbar support in a chair with a deep recline.

#3 Don’t Sit Extremely Low

Another common issue with beach chairs is that some of them are super low to the ground. You’re not going to be able to sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle like you would in a regular chair, but the closer you get to that angle, the more support your back will get from your knees. So just remember to sit in a chair that is as high off the ground as possible while still letting you feel like you are relaxing on the beach.

Keep in mind that this is not as important if your legs will be up anyway. However, you still don’t want to be too low because that adds stain when standing up and sitting down.

Bonus Tip: Dig Your Feet in Before You Stand Up

If you dig your feet about a foot into the sand before you get up out of a beach chair, your legs can do more of the lifting. Otherwise, your back will do all the work when getting up out of that low chair.

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