Dr. Ward Gives a Virtual Presentation at the BNI Business Forum of Fairfax Chapter

Dr. Ward recently gave a virtual presentation about chiropractic adjustments through BNI Online. In the virtual event, he demonstrated how chiropractic adjustments work and what steps a chiropractor takes to adjust the spineneckfeet, and even ankles

0430322001622754712.jpgThe entertaining presentation included funny jokes and more information about Dr. Ward and his family, including his two children.

As an option for people who don’t like the cracking or popping sound that can often accompany chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Ward shared that he has a tool he can use that will reduce these sounds and help patients feel more at ease when receiving chiropractic treatment.

0715912001622751577.jpgDuring the presentation, Dr. Ward also spoke about who specifically can benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic care is for people who can’t do the things they want to do due to discomfort or immobility, or experience pain every time they try to do some type of activity. This could include people who experience joint pain, lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and other types of discomfort.

Some patients of Dr. Ward’s even shared their testimonials during the presentation. One patient, who had an injury that prevented him from running, an activity he loved, can now run again and do other activities he enjoys after going to Dr. Ward for chiropractic adjustments.

Patients of Dr. Ward’s who gave testimonials also mentioned his incredible staff and how they have a zero-wait time at the office to better accommodate patients and their busy schedules. It was clear from the presentation that Dr. Ward’s warm sense of humor, medical education and experience, and patients are a testament to the care he brings to the practice every day.