Cardio That Won’t Hurt Your Spine

We’ve been indoors for so long, and that has led to weight gain, a reduction in heart health, and increased back problems. It’s time to start exercising again! But how can you get your heart and waistline back into shape without doing damage to your spine? Here are a few types of cardio that won’t hurt your back, starting with the best option.

#1 Swimming

Since water supports the weight of your body, there is almost no pressure on the spine while swimming. This is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and avoid doing any damage to your back. Of course, not everyone is a good enough swimmer to get exercise this way, so let’s see what else you can try.

#2 Cycling

Riding a bicycle is another great way to get exercise with minimal pressure on your spine. However, there is one note of caution – be sure not to lean forward. This hunched position can lead to spine pain. So make sure you ride using a bike with handlebars that are designed to let you sit up straight while cycling.

#3 Running or Jogging on Flat Terrain

Whether you have a treadmill in your house, a local track, or just a relatively level road, running or jogging on a flat surface is next on our list. Wearing the right shoes is essential so that they absorb the shock properly when you are hitting the ground. It’s not a perfect solution, but when you run with the right form and the proper equipment, your spine will experience minimal strain.

#4 Running or Jogging in Hilly Areas

Running or jogging on hilly streets will provide you a more strenuous workout. That’s good for your heart, but it can be more challenging to maintain proper form. Again, focusing on your form and wearing the right shoes will be essential to protect not only your back but also your legs if you have to run in a hilly neighborhood.

#5 Rowing

Whether you have a kayak or you are using a rowing machine at the gym, this is another great cardio workout. Form is essential in order to get the full benefit of the exercise without hurting your back. Keep this in mind: form tends to lag when fatigue sets in, so be sure to stop if you get too tired to maintain proper form.

Get Your Spine Back in Line

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