Correcting a Poor Ergonomic Set Up When Working at Home

A bad ergonomic set up in a home office can lead to neck and back strain, along with a host of other health concerns. Today, we are going to look at some of the products you can use, or items you may just have laying around the house that can help you to correct the problem and save your spine.

Products to Help Make Your Home Office More Ergonomic

Here are eight suggestions to help you keep your spine healthy while working from home.

  • Separate Keyboard & Mouse – For those of you working at a laptop computer, a separate mouse and keyboard can help you to elevate the screen to eye level without having to raise your arms at an angle that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Separate Monitor – As an alternative solution, you could keep your laptop at the proper height for typing but use an external monitor at eye level.
  • Docking Station – A docking station can help you to fix your screen keyboard or other office elements at the proper heights.
  • Standing Workstation – This can keep you from sitting for long hours. They also make sit/stand desks that allow you to adjust the height of the desk throughout the day.
  • Bluetooth Earbuds/Microphone – Never hold a phone between your shoulder and ear. That is a sure way to end up with neck pain. Use earbuds or a microphone if you need to keep your hands free.
  • Pad to Stand On – If you use a standing desk, you will want a soft pad to stand on so your feet don’t get sore. You may already have such a pad in front of your kitchen sink.
  • Ergonomic Office Chair – If you do sit much of the day, get a chair that allows you to adjust the height. You will also want a chair with good lumbar support for your lower back.
  • Rubz Ball – A massage ball can help you to keep your foot from cramping, especially if you stand for long hours while working.

These are a few simple ways to fix your at-home workstation to protect your body from unnecessary strain.

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