Causes of and Chiropractic Treatments for a Bulging Disc

Herniated discs (when the disc has a tear that allows the inner material to leak out) affect about 5 to 20 people out of every 1,000 adults, making it a very rare condition. However, bulging discs (when the disc is not torn but is sticking out a little between the vertebrae) is much more common. What can cause this painful condition, and how can a chiropractor help? Here is what you need to know.

Possible Causes of a Bulging Disc

A bulging disc can be caused by wear and tear, but also by an acute injury. Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible causes.

  • Poor posture – Poor posture can, over a long time, result in premature wear to the discs, or it can cause them to bulge out.
  • Traumatic injury – When an injury occurs anywhere along the spine, it is possible to have a disc bulge as a result.
  • Heavy or repetitive lifting – Lifting can cause a bulging disc through a repetitive movement or because the load was simply too heavy. Therefore, this can be either an acute or degenerative cause of a bulging disc.
  • Excessive sitting – The spine compresses when you are sitting for a long period of time. Whether you have a desk job or drive for a living, it is necessary to take breaks in order to keep bulging discs from becoming an issue.
  • Spinal rotation – Rotating the spine quickly or forcefully can cause a bulging disc. This is a common issue for golfers.

How Can a Chiropractor Help a Bulging Disc?

If you are living with pain from a bulging disc, why should you seek out chiropractic treatment? Here are a few things a Doctor of Chiropractic can do for you.

  • Adjustments can help to reduce the amount of stress on the disc that is bulging, thereby reducing pain
  • Rehabilitation exercises can be particularly helpful if the bulging disc is due to a repetitive motion injury. This will allow the disc to migrate away from the nerve roots that it may be pressing on.
  • Manual traction can help remove the excess load from a disc that is being compressed.
  • A core stability program can provide proper support to the surrounding soft tissue and prevent future flare-ups.

Chiropractic Care for Bulging Discs in Fairfax, Virginia    

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