Daily Walks: Making the Most of the Last Warm Days of the Year

A daily walk is a great way to get some exercise without stressing your joints. Of course, it can be tough to walk in winter, so you want to use the warmer seasons to the full. For many, October is the last month with warm enough weather to go for regular walks. It is also a beautiful time of year as the leaves change color.

7 Tips for a Better Walk

Here are a few tips to get the most from this delightful form of exercise.

  1. Have a regular routine – Like everything else that is important in your life, getting exercise should be a part of your regular routine. Perhaps you prefer to walk first thing when you wake up in the morning. The crisp morning air may even help you wake up. For others, you may prefer a walk in the afternoon this time of year so that you can enjoy the warmest part of the day. Find a time that works in your schedule and stick to it.
  2. Write down your goal – If your goal is not written down, it is just a good idea. Once it is on paper, your goal is solid, and you can begin to work toward it.
  3. Start easy – Don’t wear yourself out on your first walk, or you will not want to do it again. Begin with an easy walk and work your way up to longer, faster walks.
  4. Record your progress – One way to do this is to get a device that counts your steps, or you can even use your phone and download an app that tracks your walks.
  5. Partner up – Walking with someone else gives you a sense of accountability. It is not only your health that is affected if you don’t go for your daily walks, but your friend will suffer as well. This can help you to stay motivated.
  6. Find a level surface – Walking on a rocky surface can result in ankle problems or even a fall. Try to find a relatively flat surface to walk on. Many communities are developing walking trails to help people exercise more. Perhaps there is one near your home.
  7. Reward yourself and make your walk entertaining – If you walk alone, you can keep yourself entertained by listening to your favorite music, audiobooks, or a podcast.

Walking Should Never Be Painful

If you experience pain when you walk, whether it is in your back, the joints of your legs, or anywhere else, contact Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. We can help you to make your walks more enjoyable by addressing the cause of the pain. Call 703.672.1661 to schedule an appointment.