Chiropractic Care for Traditional Sports Injuries


Participating in sports and exercise is crucial to social and physical development. Working together as a team towards a common goal while pushing your mental and physical limits is a great part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Your heart, bones, and joints feel the benefits of regular exercise and sports activities, but they may also feel the unintentional backlash. Unfortunately, sports injuries are a common side effect of participating in these activities, largely due to a person being new to the sport, pushing limits too far, or a lack in proper safety equipment.  The most common areas of sports injury are the ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and spine.

While many people traditionally believe bone breaks to be the most common form of sports injury, it’s true that most injuries are actually made to the muscles and ligaments of the body. Twisting or overextending a joint during practice can tear a muscle or tendon, leading to a “strain.” On the other hand, tearing a ligament is referred to as a “sprain.” Tendons connect bone to muscles, whereas ligaments attach one bone to another. Tears can range from mild to severe, and more severe injuries require surgical intervention due to their high instability and lesser likelihood of self-recovery. Some athletes may train too much, leading to the overuse of a particular joint or set of joints in the body that may cause pain and discomfort. A common overuse injury leads to inflammation of the tendon due to repetitive use, also called “tendonitis.”

As stated, a majority of sports injuries occur in the spine and back due to sudden twisting motions. It is important to build core strength before beginning any rigorous sports activities as well as avoiding any forward bending movements. Keeping stress away from the spine is an important step in maintaining proper back health and preventing unnecessary strains and injuries. Regular chiropractic adjustments are a beneficial way to increase range of motion and decrease pain. Practicing low back exercises as well as training the core is also extremely helpful in safely preparing the body for sports activity. 

When an injury occurs in the body, the body compensates by attempting to maintain balance and protect itself by tightening muscles or joints. Chiropractic care helps to safely restore the body’s natural balance that was present before the injury occurred. Manual manipulation performed by chiropractors is extremely effective in restoring back, neck, and shoulder healthy while decreasing pain. Protecting the overall structure and balance of the body is an important contribution made by chiropractors to the world of sports medicine.

Visiting a chiropractor for sports related injuries puts you in a group of over 20 million Americans seeking treatment for musculoskeletal pain. For more information on how Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can assist you, call for an appointment today.