Yoga and Your Spinal Health


We all know that exercise is beneficial for our health. It increases the heart rate, promotes flexibility, boosts the metabolism, and does wonders for our stress levels. However, we also know that stress can be hard on our joints and tendons. What if we could do an exercise that is not only great for our flexibility and metabolism but is excellent for our spinal health and improves the joint system. Research now shows that yoga is the ideal exercise for those who want to improve or maintain a healthy back.

Yoga is an ancient practice that was developed almost 4,000 years ago to prevent disease and promote health. It’s top three benefits for the body includes relieving pain, increasing strength, and teaching relaxation techniques. Many people enter their first yoga practice with a specific goal in mind: to relieve pain from a chronic, aching spot in the body. Studies have shown that those who practice yoga as little as twice a week for 8 weeks show significant improvements in metabolism, endurance, and strength while aiding spinal or neck pains. In addition to beneficial stretching and movements of the pained area, breathing exercises involved in yoga are shown to induce a “relaxation response” that is shown to assist in relieving pain. Many people also feel pain and tension due to stress or anxiety, which yoga also helps to decrease.

Yoga is shown to strengthen joint supporting muscles by through various isometric poses. In these poses, the smaller muscles surrounding the joints endure more pressure and make us work harder to stabilize ourselves.  Balancing on one leg or placing extra pressure on one leg rather than the other makes the joints work harder and therefore improve their function. As you go about daily activities your joints are stronger and less prone to pain and injury.

There are many more ways that yoga aids in joint and spinal health. If you are interested in taking on yoga as a way to decrease pain in the neck or back, be sure to contact our office to consult with a chiropractor today. The path to a better you could be one Vinyasa away.