Dr. Ward Co-Hosts Free Event to Promote Community Wellness

Ready, set, learn!

Last weekend, Dr. Kevin Ward hosted a workshop alongside friend and wellness colleague Coach John Casto of Action Fitness. Both Dr. Ward and Coach Casto are experts in their fields with a passion for health, and upon reflecting on how they could better improve the wellbeing of their neighbors, they decided to organize an open event that would cater to the wellness of their community


Hosted at Action Fitness, this free event answered audience questions and addressed topics such as caring for the neck and back, alleviating nagging aches and pains that stem from daily activities, and simple exercises that can be incorporated into any routine. Both experts discussed caring for tight, aching joints that stem from workouts and how to care for the body while improving overall health. Audience members, many suffering from ailments of their own, were thrilled to learn of the importance of spinal health and its connection to emotional and physical wellness.

Dr. Ward and Coach Casto also offered practical, hands-on skills such as exercises to improve flexibility and mobility in the hips and other joints. This improved flexibility helps to keep the body pain free while expediting the journey towards fitness goals. In addition, the audience learned 7 simple stretches to alleviate back pain and immediately see and feel a difference in their bodies while improving fitness! These small stretches make every bit of difference in saying goodbye to body stiffness, and they only take a few minutes

Both Dr. Ward and Coach Castro are committed to improving the lives and happiness of their community. This free event gave both specialists the opportunity to interact with new and familiar faces while sharing their passions, distributing knowledge, and giving their neighbors the tools they need to thrive.

For more information on the event or to see the ways Dr. Ward can help you, call the Ward Chirporactic and Rehabilitation office to schedule an appointment today.