How to Enjoy Binge-Watching Without Wrecking Your Posture

We’ve all done it. Friday night, you find a show you can’t believe you never knew existed, and sure enough, Netflix has all three seasons. It’s so good you’re on season two by Monday. The problem is, you’re also waking up with a stiff neck. Why? Binge-watching is fun, but it can be rough on your posture. Here are 3 tips for wolfing down that new favorite show without the painful consequences.

Maintaining Posture While Binge-Watching TV Online

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to help your posture:

  • Use the TV instead of a mobile device – Many TVs are Internet ready, so rather than craning your neck over a phone or tablet, use an Internet-ready TV or a device like Roku to watch your shows on the big screen. Then you just need to maintain proper posture while sitting on the couch or easy chair. Keeping your head level is much easier to do when the screen is across the room rather than in your lap.
  • Take short breaks – “Isn’t the whole point of binge-watching to not have any breaks?” We’re not saying go do something else for half an hour between each episode. It may be something as simple as changing your position every 20 minutes just to make sure your muscles don’t begin to stiffen up. Stand up and stretch for a minute or two while the next episode loads. Use the restroom, grab a snack, do a few jumping jacks—just don’t sit idle for hours at a time.
  • Don’t hold your tablet – If you do binge-watch on a tablet, set it up on a table instead of holding it. You may have a modern and light device, but hours of holding a tablet is going to strain your neck and back no matter how lightweight it is. Remember to keep the tablet at a height that you don’t have to have your neck angled down to watch it. You should be looking straight ahead. If you’re in bed, you can use lap desk or a pillow to prop the tablet up higher.

Don’t Let Binge-Watching Become a Pain in the Neck

If you do feel stiff after a long Netflix session, Dr. Ward can help relieve the neck pain and provide suggestions for stretches you can do between episodes to help the pain from recurring. Before long, you’ll be done with your current favorite show and scouring the Internet for a new one.