Case Study: Wrestling


Matt was a competitive high school wrestler who had attained a national ranking.  He presented to Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation with a burning pain at the base of his neck between his shoulder blades.  This problem had developed over the past month and had slowly gotten worse.  When Matt came into the office it was difficult for him to bridge and even hold his head forward when in his neutral stance.  He had worked with team trainers without success.

Through evaluation of Matt’s neck and upper back, Dr. Ward determined that Matt and an issue with the movement of his spine at the base of his neck.  The vertebrae in this area, which are meant to move freely, were effectively stuck in a forward flexed position.  Similar to links of chain that have rusted together, Matt’s upper back and neck where tight and fixated and could not function properly.  In Matt’s case this likely happened over time from his head being in a forward position coupled with the repetitive stress and trauma of wrestling.

Dr. Ward used targeted chiropractic adjustments to break up the tightness and adhesions in Matt’s neck and upper back.  Matt was placed on his back and Dr. Ward applied specific directional forces to the affected spinal segments.  Myofascial release was used to loosen the muscles in this region.  Dr. Ward also had Matt use a foam roller to loosen the area on his own.

After 3 weeks of treatment Matt was released without restriction.  He continues to use the foam roller to combat the repetitive stress and trauma of wrestling.

*Name and details changes to maintain patient confidentiality