Getting the Best ROI on Stretching Part 2

Welcome to the second installment in our series of articles designed to help you get the best return on investment while stretching. If you’re a busy resident of northern Virginia, you no doubt realize the importance of making every minute count. Here’s another exercise you can add to your repertoire that will give you the best ROI for your time investment. 

This is another stretch that is great for those who spend their day in front of a desk and using mobile devices frequently or for long periods of time. The good news is – you don’t have to find half an hour a day to get the benefits. This stretch just takes a few minutes from your tightly packed schedule, and it provides a boost to help you from hunching.


Don’t forget: Your chiropractor or another healthcare professional should approve your stretching program before you begin.

The Stretch: Dynamic Thoracic Rotation

From a kneeling position, place one elbow between your knees to form a sort of tripod. Place the other hand on the back of your head and turn the upper half of your body so that the elbow points toward the ceiling. If you need a visual, follow this link to a step-by-step tutorial.

Try doing 9 repetitions each day – remember, that means 9 times on each side. You can do this in your office if you get a break during the day or first thing when you get home if you are feeling tired or sore from a day of being hunch over a desk looking at screens.

Benefits of this Stretch

This is a dynamic stretch that helps to open up the shoulders and chest when you have been in a hunched position. Since most of us can’t maintain perfect posture in an office all day, this is an important stretch for busy professionals, and it only takes a few minutes per day.

Stretching for Your Overall Well-being

Now that you have two stretches in your arsenal to combat soreness after a long day at the office, it’s important to take just a few minutes to make use of them. And don’t forget that if you are reading this article while sitting in front of a computer or mobile device to straighten out that back! The less you hunch, the better you’ll feel.

We hope these stretches help you to avoid or get relief from the soreness that accompanies a long day of sitting. However, if you still need some help to work out the kinks, don’t forget that Dr. Ward maintains a flexible schedule to help busy northern Virginia residents. From same-day emergency appointments to Saturday morning office hours, we’ll find a way to fit you in for an appointment. Just call (703) 672-1661.