Football Season Is Here 6 Tips to Avoid Back Pain Due to Long Hours on the Couch

Football season is back, and that means armchair quarterbacks are going to be spending hours in their preferred seat cheering on their favorite team. But do you ever find that spending a few hours on the couch watching the game leaves your back sore, even when you sit in the most comfortable seat in the house? We’re about to give you 6 tips to help you relax and enjoy the game.

  1. Don’t Slouch – Sitting with your back rounded for hours is the fastest way to a sore back. Be sure to maintain proper posture.
  2. Vary Your Seated Position – One of the biggest mistakes we make when sitting for a long period of time is getting comfortable and then not moving at all. Try varying the position you sit in every 10 or 20 minutes. Lean back for a little while. Put one leg up. Put both legs up. Just don’t keep your body in the same position so long that you get stiff.
  3. Do a Standing Lumbar Extension – Every hour or so, get up and exercise for a few seconds. The best maneuver is a standing lumbar extension. How do you do it? Stand up and place your hands on your lower back. In a slow, controlled motion, bend backward as far as you can. Relax and return to a standing position. Do this about 12 times when you get up every hour.
  4. Use Lumbar Support – You don’t have to go out and get a special type of pillow. Just use what you have available and keep a pillow on your lower back for extra support, at least part of the time.
  5. Get Up During Commercials – Whether you’re just walking to the kitchen to grab some more chips and salsa or heading down the hall to the bathroom, get up and move around during the commercials.
  6. Stand Up Safely – When you stand up, don’t curve your back forward. This puts extra pressure on the lower back. Use your legs more and keep a straight back while standing up.

Enjoy Football Season Without the Chronic Back Pain

Don’t miss any of the action just because you struggle with back pain. Now you have all the tools you need for a healthy back this football season. Combine these tips with a visit to Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation when you start to feel sore, and you have the recipe better spine health. We even offer flexible scheduling like Saturday morning appointments to help you fit necessary health matters into your busy schedule. Call (703) 672-1661 to set up an appointment.