Build These Muscle Groups to Save Your Back When Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter sports that can bring a lot of joy during the cold weather. However, these are also hobbies that can put a lot of stress on the back and hips. This is because a skier or snowboarder is spending a lot of time in a forward leaning or squatting position. Both of these positions can lead to an achy lower back or sore hips.

Is there any way to stabilize your back so as to avoid injury during the winter sports season? We’re going to take a look at four elements of an exercise routine that may help you to prevent an injury or soreness this winter.


Four Elements of an Exercise Routine to Save Your Back This Winter

Before you buy your season pass to the slopes, here are a few exercises to keep in mind.

  1. Glute Strengthening Exercises – By strengthening the muscles that connect the lower back, hips, and legs, you can make it easier for your back and hips to handle a squatting position. Some good exercises to tighten up the glutes include squats, bridges, and short arch deadlifts.
  2. Core Strengthening Exercises – Core strength is also vital when you are going to be squatting and leaning forward a lot. Here are some exercises that can help strengthen your abs and lower back so that you have maximum stability on the slopes: planks, side planks, bird dog
  3. Balance Improving Exercises – Another key to avoiding injury on the slopes is to have good balance. What exercises can help to improve balance and give you even more stability? Try these three challenging exercises: single leg stand, closed eye single leg stand, and wobble boards
  4. Dynamic Warmup – Before you suit up for the slopes, it is important to warm up. This will help to avoid muscle strains, especially since snowboarding and skiing can use a lot of muscles you don’t activate on a regular basis. A dynamic warmup gets the blood flowing to the right muscles groups, so you don’t strain anything.

Enjoy the Slopes Safely This Winter

We hope you enjoy the skiing and snowboarding season without incident. However, if you do find your self sore or injured after a day on the slopes, Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation offers the services you need to recover quickly from the aches and pains. Contact us today at (703) 672-1661 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ward, or you can request an appointment online.