Dont Do These: Gym Exercises to Avoid

It’s 2018! Long lines at local gyms abound. Unfortunately, many will abandon their dreams of 6 pack abs by February. One major reason is injury. The most common issue is low back pain.

It could be an outright injury or nagging soreness that prevents you from attacking the gym with January 1st alacrity.

Don’t fail your 2018 exercise resolution because of a back issue. Before it’s too late here are some exercises/motions to avoid to keep your back healthy. There is an overarching theme. See if you can identify it by the end.

Avoid this #1: Sit up with back curled forward.


If you must do a sit up (planks or bird dogs would be a better choices) maintain a straight or arched low back.

Avoid this #2: Kettle bell swing while low back is bent forward.


This is an awesome multi-joint exercise! Don’t ruin it by losing the arch in your low back.

Avoid this #3: Losing your back arch during a squat or deadlift.


This is a recipe for disc pathology.

Avoid this #4: Losing your back arch during any exercise under load.


Did you get the overARCHing theme? Maintaining a natural or slightly arched low back will keep your spine healthy and strong. If you’ve injured your back and are interested in eliminating your pain and resuming your life call Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation at 703.672.1661. 


Kathy said:
I am a bit confused about the lower back arch and the related pics. Are you describing a concave (outward) or convex (inward) arch to maintain?
Kevin Ward, DC, MS said:
Good question Kathy. The pictures show what NOT to do. During exercise you should maintain an arch that is inward (think toward your navel). Thanks for your interest.