Dr. Ward Attends Conference at National University of Health and Sciences in Chicago

Recently, Dr. Ward attended a conference at the National University of Health and Sciences in Chicago, a leader in integrative medicine. The conference covered topics in the latest cutting-edge techniques for chiropractors, including chiropractic treatment for both pregnant women and infants and children.

Expecting Mothers and Chiropractic Treatment

At the conference, Dr. Ward learned the latest in treating pregnant women in chiropractic care, including with the Webster technique. This technique helps re-establish balance in the pelvis of a pregnant women to reduce unnecessary stress to the uterus. This balanced state can allow the fetus to be in an optimal position and avoid a breeched birth. 

Dr. Ward also learned the latest information and treatment on techniques regarding:

  • Carpal tunnel during pregnancy. Common in pregnant women, the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome can be alleviated with the right chiropractic manipulation.
  • Sciatica during pregnancy. For mothers-to-be who experience pain, chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy. Causing discomfort in the pelvic region, chiropractic care offers a safe and natural form of treatment to reduce pubic symphysis pain.
  • Diastasis recti. Common in women who deliver a baby with a high birth weight or have twins or triplets, diastasis recti is when the belly may bulge even after birth because the abdominal muscles now have more space between them. Balancing the pelvis can help a new mom heal from diastasis recti, and Dr. Ward may suggest certain exercises to help. 
  • Rib pain during pregnancy. Rib pain is common in the third trimester of pregnancy; chiropractors can safely reduce rib pain while ensuring your baby has plenty of space to grow and be healthy.

Chiropractic Treatment for Infants and Children

At the conference, Dr. Ward also learned the latest on treating postural issues in children, including scoliosis, an abnormal curve of the spine that becomes apparent in childhood. Appropriate chiropractic care can help improve the form and function of children who are affected by scoliosis. 

Dr. Ward also learned more about the role of chiropractic care in baby movement patterns for expecting mothers. In addition, torticollis, a rare condition typically seen soon after birth, causes the neck muscles to tense and twist the head to one side and cause a limited range of motion in babies. Dr. Ward learned more about specific chiropractic techniques that can help torticollis in infants.

Committed to Ongoing Education

Dr. Ward is committed to providing his patients with the best in chiropractic care through his expertise and continuing training and education. Chiropractic care for expecting mothers and infants and children can help with numerous issues—contact us today to find out what chiropractic can do for you at (703) 672-1661.