Pool Diving Safety: How to Avoid Head and Neck Injuries

Whether you’re an adult or a child, understanding how to dive safely into a pool is important. According to one study, 110,000 divers under the of 19 ended up in the ER in the US during the years 1990-2006. The great majority of the dives took place from a meter or less above the water. So even if you are just diving in from the side of the pool, safety is crucial.

How can you avoid head or neck injuries (the most common injuries found by the study) when diving at a local pool? Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself and your family safe this summer.

Always Visualize the Bottom of the Pool

The big mistake that is often made when diving is jumping in without knowing how deep the pool is. Diving into a pool that is too shallow can result in hitting your head on the bottom of the pool, and that can cause a spinal cord injury or head trauma that may lead to serious damage.

Even if you can see to the bottom of the pool and the depth is clearly marked, it is also a good idea to get in slowly and swim down to touch the bottom yourself to verify that the water is deep enough for diving. Don’t leave your safety up to someone else’s judgment.

Always Use Proper Diving Form

Proper diving form exists for a reason. It is the safest way to enter the water rapidly. This is especially true if you are diving from a higher platform. The higher you dive from, the faster you will be going when you hit the water. Proper form keeps you from hurting yourself by striking your spine against the water at the wrong angle. Don’t use a higher diving board unless you have been properly trained.

Diving Board Safety for Avoiding Contact

Another way to get seriously hurt is to hit part of your body on the diving board. Never run on the diving board. Don’t use a higher board than you have been trained to dive off. Only one person should be on the diving board at a time. Never use a diving board if you are alone.

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