How to Mow the Lawn Without Throwing Your Back Out

Mowing the lawn can range from a chore to a great American pastime depending on how you feel about the upkeep of your property. Whether you view it as an inconvenience or a hobby, you want to be sure that you are taking proper care of your back when mowing the yard, particularly when you use a push style mower. We’re going to teach you how to mow the lawn without throwing your back out.

Tips for Back Safety When Mowing the Lawn

We’re going to look at three particular areas where back injuries can occur during the lawn mowing season.

  • Starting the Mower – If you start the mower according to the user manual, you won’t spend as much time yanking on the cord, which can easily lead to wrenching your back. Make sure to prime the mower properly, use fresh gas, and spray the engine with starter fluid if it is recommended by the manufacturer. Giving your mower a tune-up at the beginning of the season will also make it much easier to start after it has sat all winter. In the end, the key to starting a mower without hurting your back is to take good care of it so that the machine starts like a new one every time.
  • Lifting Heavy Grass Bags – Using a mulching mower can eliminate this problem. However, if you end up bagging your grass for disposal, be sure to lift properly. Also, keep the load as close to your body as possible and bend at the knees. If the bag is just too heavy for you, get someone to come out from the house and help.
  • Pushing the Right Way – If you can’t afford a self-propelled mower, you need to push the right way. Sometimes a person will make the mistake of bending at the waist to get more weight behind the mower when pushing up a hill. This applies way too much pressure to the lower back. Be sure to keep your back straight when pushing. If there are hilly areas in your yard, see if you can safely mow across without the mower tipping rather than pushing the mower up and down the hill.

If You Do Throw Your Back Out Mowing This Summer

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