Dr. Ward Leads Trigger Point Workshop at Club Pilates

On Sunday March 31, Dr. Ward was honored to lead a workshop about trigger points in the body at Club Pilates in Burke, Virginia.

During the workshop, Dr. Ward educated participants about trigger points and demonstrated how to improve tension in these areas using simple movements from your hand in addition to foam rollers to alleviate pain and discomfort.


What Exactly Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are sore areas in skeletal muscle that can cause pain or discomfort. Trigger points can exist within any muscle, and some patients who have a poor range of motion may be impacted by trigger points in the corresponding muscles.

Trigger points can be caused by an acute injury or repeated trauma to a muscle, which can cause stress and tension in the tissue. These sore spots often influence neck and back pain, but can also cause headaches, temporomandibular joint pain (jaw pain), and leg pain.

How to Relieve Tension in Trigger Points

Dr. Ward spoke about how trigger points in the body can result from everyday activities such as sitting, driving, or working on the computer. These repeated actions can change our posture over time which can cause sore spots in muscle tissue and contribute to tension and pain in the body.

Trigger point pain can be alleviated, sometimes even with simple techniques at home. People can practice specific maneuvers such as self-massage or press trigger points to relieve tension and start feeling better, which Dr. Ward demonstrated in his workshop.

In addition, healthy habits such as exercising, maintaining good posture, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep can all help improve pain associated with trigger points. Chiropractic adjustments can also provide pain relief in these trigger points and support a healthy lifestyle.

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