Dynamic Stretches to Avoid Injury While Skiing or Snowboarding

Family practicing ski at the ski resort
Family practicing ski at the ski resort

If you are enjoying this year’s skiing/snowboarding season but are struggling to keep from being sore after a day on the slopes, you may need to develop a routine of performing dynamic stretches before attacking the mountain. What is a dynamic warmup? What are some good stretches to perform before enjoying your favorite winter sports? What can you do if the soreness just won’t go away? We have the answers in this month’s blog.

What Is a Dynamic Warmup?

A dynamic warmup is a perfect way to prepare your body for athletic activity. In short, a dynamic warmup involves stretching while moving. This allows you to warm up the muscles you will be using. At the same time, it helps to increase your range of motion, which helps to prevent injury. So what are some exercises you can do before skiing or snowboarding?

Lower Extremity Dynamix Stretches

Here are a few examples of dynamic stretches you can do to prep the lower half of your body.

  • Knee grabs – This involves raising one leg at a time and grabbing your knee when it reaches waist level to pull it closer to your chest. Alternating sides results in forward walking as you stretch.
  • Walking toe touch – Step forward so that your heel is just past the toes of your other foot. Stretch the toes on the front foot up and reach down to tap them. Alternate as you walk forward.
  • Foot grabs – As you take each step, alternate kicking your legs back behind you. Grab the foot or ankle and pull it up a little to stretch your thigh muscle.
  • Lateral lunge – Take a big step to the side and lean to both sides, straightening the opposite leg. Do this two to three times in one direction and then work your way back to where you started.

Upper Extremity Dynamic Stretches

Here are a few ways to get your upper body ready for activity.

  • Trunk Rotations – Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and stretch your arms directly out to your sides. Turn your body back and forth so that your arms are perpendicular to your legs.
  • Arm circles – Stand with your arms out to your sides rotate them in a circle. Rotate them forward 20 times and then backward 20 times.
  • Shoulder circles – This time, keep your arms at your sides. Just rotate your shoulders in a circle 20 times forward and then 20 times backward.
  • Arm swings – Start with your arms out to your sides and parallel to the ground. Cross them in front of you in a scissor motion and return them to the original position. Do this for 60 seconds, alternating which arms goes over the other when they cross in front of you.

Help for Winter Sports Strains and Falls 

If you still end up sore despite your dynamic warmups (or because you forgot to do them), Dr. Ward is here to help with chiropractic treatments and rehabilitative exercises. To schedule an appointment, give Ward Chiropractic & Rehabilitation a call today at 703-672-1661.