Same-Day Chiropractic Treatment

Same-Day Chiropractic Treatment in Fairfax VA at Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Ward Chiropractic recently completed renovations to our facility to improve our patient experience as well as to expand the range of services we offer.

One of the amenities we added is our same-day exam room which allows us to accommodate new and existing patients on a walk-in basis. We’re proud to offer our services for people who can’t wait for an appointment to alleviate their pain!

Here’s how our same-day care treatment option can benefit you.

Why Choose Same-Day Chiropractic Care?

  • If You’re In Pain. When you’re experiencing pain and want relief without waiting for an appointment, our same-day treatment at Ward Chiropractic is here to help.
  • When You Don’t Want to Wait. If you believe that waiting to receive treatment could make your pain or your condition worse, you simply drop in for treatment and we can accommodate you on a walk-in basis.
  • You Have an Upcoming Event. Do you have an event or trip that you want to feel your best for but don’t have time to schedule or wait for an appointment? Come and see us and we’ll be sure to accommodate you in our same-day exam room.
  • Get Back in the Game. Athletes or exercise enthusiasts who want to return to their sport or routine as quickly as possible can benefit from getting their issue treated sooner rather than later.
  • Prevent Chronic Issues. When patients want to treat problems before they turn into chronic issues, same-day treatment can help.

Conditions Same-Day Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

There are several patient health conditions that could benefit from same-day chiropractic care when you don’t want to wait for an appointment.

These include head and neck conditions such as a headache or a stiff and painful neck. People who have experienced sports injuries or car accidents may also benefit from getting treatment as soon as possible.

Other patients may have acute back spasm, a disc injury, or a pinched nerve leading them to seek same-day chiropractic care.

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At Ward Chiropractic, we’re dedicated to your total well being. We want our patients to feel their best, which is why we’re excited to feature same-day services to improve our level of care and service.

Contact us today for an appointment or just walk in and see us at our newly renovated facility and our same-day exam room—we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

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