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Hands On Therapy

Have you tried everything and are still in pain?

As a patient in the healthcare system, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a factory being processed through treatment with machinelike efficiency.  A provider may quickly give you exercises or an adjustment and then pass you off to an assistant or move on to the next patient.  This approach may be suffice for simple conditions, but more complex injuries call for more hands on therapy.

At Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, your first visit includes face time with the doctor.  During this time, the doctor listens.  Diagnosis is confirmed with in-office testing and outside imaging when necessary.  Once the diagnosis is confirmed and it is determined that you are a candidate for treatment in our office, our hands on therapy approach begins.

We provide individualized treatment for each patient that includes, targeted soft tissue massage, specific exercises, and joint mobilization.  We also utilize soft tissue tools including gua sha, a specialized massage instrument.  Not only do we treat the affected region, we also treat adjacent regions of stiffness or compensation.  For example, in patients with knee injuries, we also address the foot, ankle, hip and low back.  This comprehensive approach yields faster lasting results.

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We embrace the opportunity to work with patients who have tried other treatments and failed.  Dr. Ward’s training and experience as chiropractor (DC) and a rehabilitation specialist (MS) enables him to view your condition from a unique prospective, diagnose and treat your issue rapidly.  Have you tried physical therapy, medication, chiropractic, pain management, injections or surgery, but are still in pain?  At Ward Chiropractic and Rehabilitation you can feel the difference.

We pride ourselves in our caring and long-term relationships we develop with our patients, so to request an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you.


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